What we do

Stickyworld Ltd develops tools and services that make it easy to create, manage and evidence participation around visually engaging topics or projects.


Our technology has emerged from insights across architectural and planning projects. It has evolved over the last five years to support a universal process for any business or organisation seeking insights and participation from its stakeholders.

Stickyworld supports a more visual approach to engagement and has been deployed across a range of engagement and participation contexts,using different kinds of content.

The USP lies in a powerful contextual commenting engine that enables participants to share an exact point of view on any content. We call this feature “Clearer Conversations” and it helps participants understand the subject matter faster. This is particularly useful for citizen participation projects, where participants come from many different backgrounds and different kinds of expertise or local knowledge.

Our reporting tools help organisers evidence the participation and engagement as they are required to do in a number of contexts. Stickyworld technology is proven in planning consultation, design review or in end user feedback on completed projects.

Our customers span local government, education, museums, community engagement, architecture and planning sectors. Stickyworld Ltd was founded in 2010, following a successful collaborative research projects funded by InnovateUK.

The Stickyworld team is based at Digital Enterprise Greenwich in London, next to the 02. Drop by for a coffee and chat, or connect with us across the internet.

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