FAQs for participants

Here are some common questions we have been asked by participants. You can contact support@stickyworld.com if you have any detailed questions or concerns.

What is Stickyworld?

Stickyworld is an online service for creating and managing participatory websites to engage people in designs, products, buildings and places. Each website is called a “room” and offers a digital version of real world spaces used for similar engagement in exhibitions, presentations, discussions and meetings. A room will be accessible either publicly or by a private email invite and is managed by at least one organiser whom you can contact. You may interact with other participants in rooms.

What kind of things will I find in rooms?

Rooms can include interactive presentations combining maps, plans, videos, documents, images and 360 panoramas. The organisers usually invite you to engage and participate in different ways using a welcome message or video which explains the specific purpose of the room.

How do I participate?

The simplest way is to view each slide, read any comments people have left and consider if you would like to respond. Sometimes organisers have placed links between each slide or to other resources and information, known as “stickies”. To comment you will need to join the room so others can see who you are.

What is the purpose of the room?

Rooms have different kinds of engagement purpose as set by the organisers. The reasons could be to share ideas, understand subjects better, shape designs together and share an exact point of view on the presented content or question.

Should I join the room?

Only join if you are interested in the topic and trust the organisers. By joining the room, organisers will be able to send you email updates to keep you informed on progress and next steps in a particular project or consultation. They can also let you know about any real world events or meetings coming up.

How do I comment?

You can comment in two ways. Simply click on the slide and leave a sticky comment . Alternatively click the comment button under each question and leave a general comment. If you are commenting in a public room, your comment will be published, if you sign in or register as a new participant. All you need is a genuine email address. You will subsequently be sent an email to activate your account with Stickyworld. The organisers may reply to thank you for your ideas and feedback, so don’t be surprised if you get an email alert. You can always turn these off if you don’t want to stay engaged.

What if I have private questions about the content?

You can always contact the room organisers directly if anything is unclear, or contact Stickyworld directly with any complaints.

Is my data safe?

As a participant joining a Stickyroom, Stickyworld keeps your data safe and secure and will never share it without your permission. The organisers of a room will also see your email address and the name you have given. Other participants will only see your name. The organisers may subsequently ask you for additional information, for instance in public consultations more information about you will help inform analysis and decision making, but you always own your own data, and you decide if you want to share this with them.

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