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Stickyworld provides Neighbourhood Forums a simple, flexible and visual community engagement tool, enabling simple online engagement throughout the whole process.

  • Start you engagement with a map-based area audit.
  • Illustrate option appraisals for development sites and policies.
  • Consult the draft plan before you submit for examination.
  • Present the adopted plan for dissemination
  • Send thank you messages to the participants for their contributions.

Stickyworld makes it easy to drive awareness, engage the wider community to build your evidence base, and keeping everyone informed as your plan develops through to referendum. It conveniently embeds in your website just like a youtube movie, making it easy to add an engaging digital participation component to your traditional website.

North and South Hykeham Stickyworld

Stickyworld makes it easy for you to present and discuss your plans, maps, videos and build 360 virtual tours of your neighbourhood, also enabling you to frame questions around your content to help get the conversation started. People simply go online and “click to stick” their comments in answer to your questions. Stickyworld is already used by Local Authorities, it has moderation tools built-in, and you can embed forums in your website to add more places for people to engage and participate.  You can use Stickyworld it as a presentation tool at face to face meetings and workshops, and people can stay engaged and informed with convenient email alerts.
Using Stickyworld will increase transparency and openness of your project, and add a visual, interactive component to your community engagement methods, driving wider participation in order to build consensus and support for your plan, both during and beyond its adoption.

Learn more in a 30 minute webinar

If you want to find out exactly how Stickyworld works for Neighbourhood Planning engagement teams, why not join one of our free 30 minute webinars?  This is the fastest, most convenient way to review our examples, learn how it works behind the scenes and ask any questions you may have. And if you attend one of these sessions, we will offer you a discounted subscription for your neighbourhood planning. Throughout summer, up to September 30th, PRO Stickyworld subscriptions are reduced to just £40 a month for a one -off, fixed period from six months, up to two years for webinar attendees. We offer both group and one-on-one webinars, so if you want to discuss your specific project in detail with us, perhaps also with some colleagues, then that is possible and at a date to suit you. Simply sign up to take advantage of this offer and express your preference of date.

Stickyworld complements your face to face meetings, participatory workshops and exhibitions with a digital version that enables people to engage and participate at a time to suit them.

What can Neighbourhood Planning teams can do with their Stickyworld

  • invite the local community to identify where the issues are on maps
  • visualise the local area with photos and virtual tours
  • embed Youtube movies of team activity and local interviews
  • publish content made in participatory workshops
  • present documents at meetings and allow follow up comments
  • discuss sensitive issues in private focus groups
  • publish the emerging plan for early comments
  • formally consult on the plan before examination

See what our Neighbourhood Planning customers say:

“Stickyworld  allows us to communicate in real time with all the stakeholders in a new and visually engaging way. This allows developers to see the community is active and engage at an early stage with the community and local businesses in a way that they were previously unable to do”
Jim Murray, Bloomsbury Association

“We have found the visual focus of Stickyworld really useful to community groups in helping them engage with their wider community and communicate and get feedback on their ideas.”
Catherine Greene, Royal College of Art,  about the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan.

North Hykeham use Stickyworld

Get a little extra help

Included in every PRO subscription is 3 hours of support webinars where we share our experiences of working with a range of neighbourhood planning teams across the UK. We listen to your objectives and project requirements, and can offer advice on how this can be best achieved with our platform.  For teams that need some extra hands-on help, we also offer a Stickyworld design and build service tailored for neighbourhood planning projects. Our services team can:

  • Set up your Stickyworld with the best content and help you ask the right kinds of questions to get the conversation started.
  • Help you build interactive virtual tours of your area using either iPhone panoramics or professional 360 panoramic photography.
  • Provide moderation support services
  • Provide extra promotional services, such as print postcards, social media promotion

Just get in touch to discuss your needs.

Start today by joining one of our neighbourhood planning webinars and benefit from our summer promotion discounted subscriptions, available to September 30th 2014.

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